What We're Doing

We have established a voluntary carbon savings goal: 30% by 2035. To achieve our goal, we will look for reductions throughout the natural gas value chain, from producers in the Rocky Mountains to our own operations and customer use, to the transportation sector.

Our goal is focused on collective action to:

  • Lower the carbon intensity of the product we deliver using a mix of technologies and renewable energy sources.
  • Pursue energy efficiency and offset projects.
  • Replace dirtier fuels with clean-burning natural gas or renewable natural gas.
  • Keep it affordable by using our existing system — one of the most modern in the U.S. — in new, innovative ways.

Our Progress

We are on track to meet or exceed our voluntary carbon savings goal of 30% by 2035 associated with our own operations and the use of our product by residential and business sales customers from 2015 emission levels. In addition to the actions we have taken operationally, this voluntary goal has been a catalyst for us to lead beyond our walls by building public policy coalitions that support innovation and new thinking. And we’re proud of the progress we’ve made.

We have also established our vision forward to be a carbon neutral energy provider by 2050. 

Going beyond 2035: Destination Zero

As we are making progress on our 2035 goal, we are evolving our thinking on what’s possible for our system based on promising advancements in renewables for the pipeline system.

Learn more about our carbon neutral vision at Destination Zero

2019 ESG Report 

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far and excited about our plans to drive substantial climate benefits in the future. 

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Pacific Northwest Pathways to Decarbonization

Achieving an 80% reduction in economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
Study by Energy and Environmental Economics, Inc. for NW Natural.

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