A Low Carbon Pathway for Eugene

Today’s challenge is climate change—an imperative that requires our collective action. NW Natural embraces the change that’s needed. Our vision is to champion new technologies and policies that enable a carbon-neutral energy system by 2050.

We believe it’s possible to strike the right balance—with affordability, reliability and choice—by working together.

Eugene Climate Action

On July 29, 2020, the Eugene City Council unanimously voted to adopt the Climate Action Plan 2.0. Our understanding is that the next step is for the City Council to prioritize actions listed in the plan at a future date – possibly in September.

While a ban on natural gas is an option listed in the CAP 2.0 as a community idea, NW Natural will continue to collaborate with the City and other stakeholders on more effective actions that reduce emissions and preserve energy choice.

Before decisions are made, we believe the City of Eugene should conduct thorough research to determine the likely impacts on carbon emissions and costs for both electric and natural gas customers now and in the longer term.

Here’s why:

1.      All forms of renewable energy are needed in a balanced, low-carbon future. NW Natural is committed to renewable natural gas and our vision of a carbon-neutral pipeline by 2050.

2.      Families and businesses should have a choice of energy options to meet their needs. This is not a decision that should be mandated by city council.

3.      Communities with natural gas have greater energy reliability and security. Homes and businesses with natural gas service can have energy even when the power is out.

City of Eugene Survey

From June 2 – 6, 2020, on behalf of NW Natural, DHM Research conducted a survey in the City of Eugene to assess voters’ priorities and opinions about natural gas, including a policy to ban new natural gas hookups to heat homes and commercial buildings. 63% of voters oppose the policy, while only 25% support the ban.

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A Better Path to a Renewable Future

Where we are today and where we are headed. 

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